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Why should you purchase and own Bali's artwork

- You will be content in owning a luxury, one off piece of artwork

from a worldwide recognised artist exclusively to your home or business.


- Bali's art will provide you with the satisfaction of knowing you have

something unique that tells a story.


- Bali can create whatever you want. If you don't see anything you like, she can create a tailor made piece of artwork just for you. Bali and her colleague can offer a one-to-one art consultation service where your requirements, themes, styles, wall sizes and time scales can be discussed and a personalized art collection can be created for you. (use contact form)


- Your Artwork would be a future investment as Bali's work is regularly expanding with artwork values increasing with regular sales of High End quality pieces worth several thousands.


- 100% Client confidentiality is assured with any purchases unless otherwise agreed.


- Geniune, honest advice always given by the artist


- Bali's artwork is immaculately and beautifully created on tailor made canvases from Gregory's Canvases.


- Each original piece of artwork is a unique one off piece, hand signed by the Artist and Canvas maker.


- Bali's Art is also recognised to be vibrant, uplifting and even therapeutic. Some people have even said its a 'lucky charm' bringing wealth, happiness, success in businesses and in peoples homes.


- All original artwork will be supplied with Certificate of Authenticity.


- Signed autographed photo will be included with the artwork.


- 10% of artwork sales is donated to your favourite charity.


- As a valued customer, you will be entitled to 10% discounts of further purchases. You would be kept up to date of any new artwork created and receive information on forthcoming exhibitions.

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