“Creating original art through surrealism & abstraction, and the love for classical music”




                       “Creating Art through the Powerful love of classical music, that uplifts your soul”


Bali Love-Jenkins (previously known as Sangha-Jenkins). Born and grew up in Leicester. Spending the majority of her time in London. With a Masters in Contemporary Art. An Award-winning, contemporary artist. Known for creating innovative collections of original artwork, that break boundaries and expressing her journey through art. Bali won the Crystal Awards in 2016 for being the most inspirational artist of the year, Top selling artist and known for fearlessly for winning art contracts directly herself. Interviewed by the BBC on her Life and work as an artist. In 2013, she was invited by the National portrait gallery to give an insight on the traditional paintings. In 2017, she did research for the Derby museum in World Cultures. Alongside studying, Art trafficking, Art crime and Museum Studies.


Since 1998 with over two decades of art, Love-Jenkins main love is Classical Music and Art.

The artist favourite artists and music being Ludwig Beethoven, (Moonlight Sonata) George Frideric Handel (Sarabande-Duel) Erich Leinsdorf and Sergai Prokofiev (Dance of the Knights).

Love-Jenkins Love for Art developed since at the age of 20 where she had a carefree view of the world and her rebellious nature allowed her escapism through her Art. She would draw and illustrate the world in a distorted format. Here her interest in abstraction began. Love-Jenkins knew with abstraction she could play with images around and no one could really know what she was feeling, tell her what to do or create. It was hidden form of private expression for her. Through Art & classical Music she knew there was no boundaries and no restrictions. She could be as disobedient as she wanted. Some of her earlier drawings and illustrations have been lost and only some are stored in her London studio.

Her ultimate aim is to experiment freely and break boundaries in her art. Her work is Influenced by the study, observation and research into Classical Music, art & human emotions -  the movements, energy and interaction we have with the objects around us. Mentally & physically. 

“Creating beautiful objects of Art through the love & Power of classical music that your subconscious can connect to.’ -BALI


“Let the Music do the painting”- BALI

Art plays a major part in her life, even more so, while she paints with deep passion. Using mainly oils to create magical, timeless, fascinating & expressive art loved by all. Bali creates art that is emotional and tells a private story of her Life. That is a private emotion, that she fails to express in words, but only art & classical music. Bali would rather deny an emotion, if it gets too deep.

Love-Jenkins created this collection solely based on her love for classical music. It is a personal experience. It creates an emotion that the artist can feel without the use of spoken words. The high and low tones of the music pieces are dancing silently within our mind and souls. The bright blues and vivid reds used in the of the Symphony collection paintings express strong movements and dynamic emotion

Since 1998, Love-Jenkins has had a numerous amount of solo and group exhibitions, which have taken place worldwide. Love-Jenkins first became known in 2001 at the Art of Giving charity event at Saatchi gallery with one of her pieces on show, the Leicester City gallery and then entered the Saatchi to selfie in 2017 as part of a fun art element in her journey. Some of her famous collections have been exhibited in the most prominent Museums such as New Walk Museum, where she had three solo exhibitions with the popular “Symphony collection”- Let the music do the painting” (exhibited in 2012)  -inspired by the artists love for classical music, such as Handel and Beethoven. All which sold out within a few months of displaying to a particular art dealer who loved all the pieces. Inspired by the classical music Tchaikovsky.  Over two decades of art the artists has showcased internationally including her being invited to Blenheim palace (Home to the 12th Duke and Duchess ) “Doctors without borders” charity Auction Gala event where her piece “The White Swan” was proudly auctioned off to raise money for Ebola.


Selling her work to private and corporate clients worldwide. Some of Bali’s other exhibitions have been

Blenheim Palace- Home to the duke and Duchess, Celebrity Stars on Canvas- Mayfair London, Maddox Gallery, New walk Museum & Art Gallery Leicester, Casa Batllo Gaudi Museum in Barcelona, De Oude de Kerk Cathedral in Amsterdam, Brick Lane Gallery London, Saatchi Art (Art of Giving) Miami Book Fair, New York, Florida, Dubai and Hong Kong, Ashby Museum,

Regular Guest on BBC & Exhibiting worldwide. Interviewed by the BBC for her Life & work as an artist, including the struggles in life she faced. Bali donates the percentage of her Art sales to the street homeless and supports the homeless in lectures - enabling them reach their full potential in life. 

charity including her being invited by the Celebrity stars on canvas every two years to mingle with the celebrities which was another breakthrough for the artist in her art. Where she had the opportunity to meet John Hurt and other high calibre of celebrities. Attracting more art buyers investing in her art.

In 2018, she then released her art book ‘A Decade of Art’, which includes work of the artist, illustrated with over 170 colour plates and thought provoking quotes. Love-Jenkins lives and works privately in her art studio based in Leicester & London. Selling her artwork to private and corporate clients.



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