A Decade of Art 2008-2018  (Bali Love Jenkins - Art Book)

A Decade of Art is an immaculate collection of Artworks by the Artist, which have been exhibited in the most beautiful international museums, galleries and cathedrals. Here we look back at the artist journey through art from 2008 to 2018.


Ten years of Bali selected artworks created into colour plates. Including some powerful quotes from the artist herself and the most valuable people in her life.

It gives the us a chance to look deep into the artist journey in her career. From bright vivid abstracts, landscapes and figurative pieces and mono prints. As the Artist style is not like any other artist consistent in style, Bali creates collections of artwork based around her emotional journey as an artist, rebelling and breaking boundaries. Allowing the world to see her experimental and unpredictable stages of her art career.