I Giorni

26" x 26"


Beautiful Stunning large piece Inspired by classical music piece "I Giorni"

The start of Lockdown began back in March. This is when I created this painting. It got left in my studio unfinished, as it made me feel sad. I was drawn to the colour green, but I was unsure why, until later I realised I was longing to be outside in the green fields, the nature and the countryside. I wanted to smell the fresh green grass, see the beautiful meadows and enjoy the landscapes, for me to be able to go out into the fields and paint outside, was not possible due to the lockdown, but I knew in my heart that every beginning of something that may seem negative has a better or great ending, I have expressed this in my painting the subtle pastel greens & smooth precision lines. So I Present to you My painting inspired by the musician Ludovico Einaudi - I Giorni. “The days”) is what this means. I am counting the days till all this has ended and look forward to breathing in the fresh air of the fresh grass once again. Fearless and Maskless.

See the link below and listen to I Giorni.


A One Off Original Piece of Artwork


You will also receive a signed Certificate of Authenticity for the Artwork signed by the Artist.