The Jigsaw - Imprisoned Maze

68" x 36" x 1"

8 x (36" x 36")  =  Total size of 144" x 72"


Acrylic. This is a large painting. Ideal for Business premises or Centres, or a Mansion with large wall space. 


'The Jigsaw- imprisoned maze' (2018) on display at the Curve theatre Leicester June 11th –July 27th 2018

Installed by Andy Gibbs and Jay Bridges. Organised by director Suba das and Maddie

Photographed by Gregory Jenkins. Curator: Bali Love Jenkins. All Copyright/ Rights reserved of Bali Love Jenkins

Love-Jenkins created this large-scale piece to be hung near the Ticket office at the Curve Theatre in Leicester. Its comprises of abstract geometric shapes using three complementary  colours of blue, yellow and cool pink. The artist wanted to create a minimalistic statement piece, comprising of eight canvases each of size 36 x 36 inches. With the total size of 144 inches x 72inches. Once hung individually as a jigsaw it formed an imprisoned maze.


The artist inspiration taken looking at the way we handle our everyday thoughts in everyday life.

As Explained:

“When we face a problem or suffering we are experiencing negativity, we can overthink and overwork our minds until we have created a complicated Maze in our minds that we cannot get out. We shut in. We do not know which direction to take. Instead of seeking help. We become introvert or reclusive. The Jigsaw demonstrates this, our mind. Our minds are imprisoned. These Geometric pieces were connected together to create a large Maze.

Some may see this Art piece as inmates in a prison. It not debated by the artist. As Artist Explains:

“Like inmates we too are imprisoned. Not physically but mentally”

A One Off Original Piece of Artwork

You will also receive a signed Certificate of Authenticity for the Artwork signed by the Artist.