Endless Sea of Passionate Love

40" x 40"

Handmade Canvas with Genuine 24K Gold Leaf, Drenched in Red and Black Acrylic Textured painting with One Genuine Swarovski Crystal embedded on Painting with Diamond Dust, Ready to Hang & Send!


Once this painting is hung the light will reflect its beauty! See the shimmer and sparkle of the Gold Leaf and Diamond Dust. A beautiful Gem this is!


This One off Original painting is part of the Artist '24K Gold series’ Activated with an Abundance of True Treasures & prosperity Wealth. This luxurious painting that is energized. We all want more wealth in our life so believe in the impossible! One Off Original Piece of Artwork You will also receive a signed Certificate of Authenticity for the Artwork signed by the Artist with a Gold embossed Stamp. See The artist other pieces. Go with your feelings and don't hold back.


Once purchased you receive complimentary gifts