Too Much Screen Time

26" x 26"

40" x 30" Digital Print


One off original digital piece created by the artist herself, using digital software


Printed on 220 microns PVC Matt.  Comes unframed, unmounted.



Have you developed this syndrome since the COVID -19?


This piece is inspired by the World going into lockdown & Self isolation. What can we do? We are now more than ever forced to watch the news, see what is happening worldwide- during the COVID-19 - Coronavirus  has taken over the world- Which all began in Wuhan, China. Can we ignore this? No as it is now everywhere, social media and on TV.  The TV Screen, social media is our only connection to the outside world. As we self isolate.(Quarantine) What effects will this bring to us psychologically? Will we appreciate life more? Has the Power of Social media saved us from insanity? As the Artist quotes:


 "I never really liked Social media, or TV- I hated it, but now since my self isolation it has allowed me to realise that without it, we would suffer- social media has prevented me from going insane and allowed the world to keep going through friends & family"  -BALI 

A One Off Original Piece of Artwork

You will also receive a signed Certificate of Authenticity for the Artwork signed by the Artist.