Would you like to commission the artist Bali to create a unique, personalised painting for you?

It can be an exhilarating and wonderful experience.

What is the process?

Bali will work closely with the art client so it is clear from the beginning to the end what the process is. You get the opportunity to meet the artist in person and speak directly to her.

Bali likes to have a one to one meeting with the client where you both sit down and you get a chance to discuss your thoughts and ideas on what personalised painting you would like her to create for you.  Bali will then guide you and assist you. For instance. What colours are you drawn to? Do you like textures in your paintings, a large-scale painting or an emotional subtle piece to hang up in your corporate or private settings? Or a dynamic statement piece.


Once all the information is gathered in an informal environment Bali will write a simple brief, for you to take forward. This will include, size of the canvas details the paintings the client was drawn to, colours, sketches timescale of completion and quotation for the work.

If the client is happy with the brief, we kindly request a small deposit. This deposit is for the material costs for the work before is commenced. Everything discussed will be kept confidential and once artwork is completed, no one else gets to see the painting first, except yourself.


Finally the artist does no social media promotions. Her commissions are kept private, unless you wish her to.

The beautiful thing about commissioning is you can have a lot of say and control in the process as you want. Once you have decided what you will like. The artist has the creative freedom to create a masterpiece for you.  It is a wonderful journey to be involved in. Once the piece is created, you can enjoy it forever, endlessly.

All private and corporate art commissions are kept private and confidential and not

posted on social media. We respect client confidentiality at all times