36" x 36"

Acrylic / Mixed Media

An original piece of chaotic painting. Created in expressive brush strokes and Spray paints to express what you see. As humans we all live in a life full of ups & downs. But have you ever been scared or frightened of what is going to happen to you? If you have then this is the painting for you. If you haven't then don't read on. That unexpected moment that came when you least expected it to. And you felt you Stopped breathing just for those few minutes. You Life stood still like an nightmare. But this time is wasn't an nightmare. Your worse dream has come true. You look around and the ones you most loved were no where to been seen. You were Boxed up and you just couldn't breathe.... An original painting inspired by the Artist true life experience of Tragedy, turmoil and insanity of a person so dear and close to her. That the Artist life too become a Tragedy. As the Artist quotes: "She wasn't boxed up alone, there was three of us"


A One Off Original Piece of Artwork


You will also receive a signed Certificate of Authenticity for the Artwork signed by the Artist.

Can't Breathe - Boxed up


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