36" x 36"


Acrylic / Mixed Media


A Mixed Media Collage piece! Beautiful Stunning piece! Look great in any interior or office.


This painting is part of 'The Provenance Collection' (2017) was on display at The SHARP GALLERY Brixton, London. These pieces were on display at The Wild garden exhibition the artist created a series of beautiful summer pieces. Collages of butterflies, roses, flowers and gold leaf. The Artist has love for beautiful things and fascinated by the nature God has created. The Provenance Collection inspired by The Holy Bible- Kings James version “Genesis” How God created nature and the story of Adam and Eve. Genesis is the only part of the bible Love-Jenkins feels connected. As Artist Explains: “At the beginning God created a beautiful world, nature and happiness, would our lives been any different if the serpent didn’t arrive?”

A One Off Original Piece of Artwork

You will also receive a signed Certificate of Authenticity for the Artwork signed by the Artist.

Garden of Eden III


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