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Guilty Pleasures


36" x 36" x 0.5"
 Part of the 'Forbidden Sins' Collection. Featured in the Oxford International Art Fair 2014. Original pieces of Artwork created in thick textures and drenched in colour to express each Forbidden Sin, embedded with Swarovski crystals.

The ‘Forbidden Sins’ collection consists of four dynamic art pieces drenched in textures and vivid colours expressing emotions. These series of paintings were influenced by the Roman Catholic tradition the seven deadly (cardinal) sins. Love-Jenkins created her own version of only four sins: Vanity, Guilty pleasures, Sweet sabotage and Retribution. In Roman Catholic religion, it states we create a division between God and humans. We sin in the eyes of God, but humans do not see these as sins but merely enjoying everyday pleasures in our life and protecting ourselves from others.Love-Jenkins created only four deadly sins, as in her personal experience these are the sins she has experienced or struggled with in her life”

A One Off Original Piece of Artwork

You will also receive a signed Certificate of Authenticity for the Artwork signed by the Artist.


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